Dog Travel Accessories

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August 23, 2013
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With the ever increasing popularity of pet travel, more and more dog travel accessories have been introduced. Some of these accessories are quite ingenious! Best of all, they help solve all the nagging little travel problems that seem to crop up when traveling with your dog …

Here are a few of our favorite dog travel accessories …

Dog Car Ramps

If your dog is a senior or mobility challenged, here’s a good way to help them get safely in and out of your car …

Dog travel ramps are designed to easily and safely attach to the back of your car (or back seat) to allow your pet to easily walk down to ground level. If it’s hard for your dog to jump, or even if they’re smaller and you’re concerned about them jumping from your car to the ground, a dog travel ramp is the ideal solution.

If you’re at all concerned about storing a dog travel ramp, don’t be! Just look for a telescoping model, like the one shown below. They’re even easier to store in your car than an umbrella!

More dog travel accessories to follow …

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